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Last updated 3:46 PM on 23 July 2015

The Deadly Beanie Day on the2 th August combiines two community initiatives; beanies for brain canerwww.curebraincancer.org.au

and The Beanie Festival held by the Aboriginal community in community evey July.http://www.beaniefest.org

St George school supports Aborigiinal education and initiatitves by embedding Aborigianl perspoectives into our teaching and learning. Beanie makers are called beanieologists. The Beanie Festival in Alice Springs celebrates womens art and craft mang and empowers Aboriginal and aboriginal people to come together to make beanies.

The students and staff at St george school will be holding a beanie exhibition to raise money for the cure brain cancer foundation.



Wednesday 12th August 2015

we are asking Students and Staff to wear a arty beanie and donate $2.00 to support a cure for brain cancer



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